Digital Humanities is the design and application of digital technologies to the Humanities. Research fields include all humanistic disciplines, such as literarary criticism, textual criticism, history, musicology, linguistics and more.

ABCDH offers Digital Humanities training to doctoral students, researchers and professors, as well as high school teachers and students. Trainings can last up to 5 days and include 1-6 trainers. Together, we are able to provide training in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

These are the courses we offer.

  Optical Character Recognition

Transform printed or handwritten sources into machine-readable text.

  Web publication

Create websites to showcase your research.

  Disseminate research outputs

Good practices, licenses, platforms to make the most out of your research.


Analyse the authorial style of a text.

  Text Encoding

Create digital (critical) editions of written sources, ancient or modern.

  Command line

Navigate file systems, manipulate text and launch command-line tools.

  Sentiment analysis

Analyse texts for sentiment and affective states.

  Data management

Manage your data: before, during and after your project.


Visualise georeferenced data on a map.


Lemmatise and tag texts for part-of-speech.

  Text collation

Collate multiple witnesses of a work and analyse variants.

  Versioning with Git

Use version-control to track changes in source code.