How it works

ABCDH training courses happen in one of two ways:
  1. We apply for funding to run a training course (i.e. we take care of organising the course).
  2. We take bookings/invitations to run a training course (i.e. the local commissioner takes care of organising the course). You may choose to book the entire ABCDH team or only those trainers, whose skills are most relevant to your interests and needs.

Booking requirements for ABCDH training


  • Maximum 20 participants
  • Two classrooms with one projector each
  • Two coffee breaks per day, lunch and social events (e.g. dinner and/or aperitivo)
  • A welcome package (e.g. programme, notepad, pen, 16GB USB drive, etc.)
  • Reimbursements for the trainers’ travel and accommodation
  • A 50€-500€ per diem honorarium depending on the number of trainers and participants


  • Keynote lecture from a Digital Humanities expert
  • Scholarships for participants to defray travel costs
  • (Free) endorsements from scientific and academic associations